Which Type of Pavement is Best?

Interested in which type of pavement is best? The first step towards making sure that you choose the right type of paving for projects such as a pavement, driveway or parking area, would be to consult the experts. This assures you that you’ll be making informed choices when it comes to getting the most out […]

What Are the Types of Pavement?

Let’s start this with what pavement is, which, in short, is a hard surface designed to carry foot traffic and vehicles of all types and sizes.  What are the types of pavement? In general, there are two types of pavements, which have to be able to handle the vehicle loads and the foot traffic that’ll […]

How Much Is Paving Per Square Meter in South Africa?

Let’s start off with a big bang, by introducing you to Techno Pave in Johannesburg and Pretoria! These are true paving specialists, who take great pride in the awesome reputation earned by them in over 20 years of offering quality paving at affordable prices in Gauteng. With a standard of workmanship that’s hard to find […]