Interested in which type of pavement is best? The first step towards making sure that you choose the right type of paving for projects such as a pavement, driveway or parking area, would be to consult the experts.

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Jacques Barlow, owner of Techno Pave, has made it easy for you to get in on the ground level when it comes to starting with the right information about any paving project, by offering a free consultation to guide you in the right direction, from the start.

Which type of pavement is best?

When looking at the generalities of a question like this, one of the most often-used and popular exterior pavement options begin with what is commonly known as a paver block.

These pavers or paving blocks, are considered to be the right combination of durability, low maintenance, comfort in terms of walking and it’s aesthetically pleasing value, making it one of the most popular choices for pavements and other paving projects.

There are two types of paver blocks or paving blocks, namely the concrete paving block and the clay paving block. 

Concrete paving blocks

Concrete paving blocks are the main choice of paving when it comes to the laying of pavements, driveways and walkways. In addition, because of their hard-wearing, durable quality, they are also the preferred choice for parking areas in residential, commercial and industrial facilities.

These pavers are ideal for heavy-duty applications, and, when installed with skill, can easily last for up to 20 years, with no maintenance required, other than to hose it off with water when necessary.

A real advantage with concrete paver blocks is that if a block is damaged, it is easily replaced.

In general, concrete paver blocks have two surfaces, one which is smooth and the other which is rough, the smooth side being the side that is laid face up.

Concrete pavers are also cheaper than clay pavers, and they’re easier to install. 

Although concrete paver blocks are available in a variety of colours, caused by metallic oxides, it’s important to take care about choosing the colour, because they have been known to fade over time.

This is where Jacques and his team of experts will make sure that you choose a colour that will last for as long as the pavers are designed to last!

Clay paving blocks

Clay paving blocks are generally manufactured in a rectangular shape, and they’re also known as bricks or cobbles, although you can have custom shapes manufactured if you have a specific design in mind, however, this will be very expensive.

Clay paving blocks are best used for areas that don’t have to deal with heavy-duty traffic, making them the ideal decorative pavers to be used for areas like a patio or verandah, for instance.

In terms of colour, clay bricks don’t fade as concrete paving blocks can, since their colour is of natural origin, and these pavers are smooth on both sides. 

In terms of cost clay paving blocks are more expensive than concrete paving blocks, mainly because of the fact that they’re harder to cut and more challenging to install, due to slight differences in their dimensions, which are caused by the variables involved in kiln firing.

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