Let’s start this with what pavement is, which, in short, is a hard surface designed to carry foot traffic and vehicles of all types and sizes.  What are the types of pavement?

In general, there are two types of pavements, which have to be able to handle the vehicle loads and the foot traffic that’ll be using them, by distributing the load through layers of various materials used to create these pavements.

Pavements play an essential role in the development of towns and cities as well, so that wherever there is construction being planned, pavements will have to be in place prior to construction.

What are the types of pavements?

The two major types of pavement that are generally used in the construction of roads are flexible pavements and rigid pavements, which translate to a bituminous road (flexible) or a concrete road (rigid) in less technical language.

Let’s look at the 2 types of pavement briefly here;

Rigid pavements

These pavements are known as ‘rigid’ due to the fact that they are a lot harder than flexible pavements, mainly because they are surfaced using cement. Cement is very stiff in comparison with flexible pavements.

Flexible pavements

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Flexible pavements are called ‘flexible’ due to the fact that they are surfaced with asphalt materials, which, because of the total structure, is able to deflect vehicular loads and foot traffic. This is mainly as a result of the use of several layers of materials rather than the rigidity of rigid pavements.

What makes a good pavement or road?

The ideal road has to meet with the following requirements, and, anything short of this would mean shoddy workmanship and poor design;

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Most of us take the pavements we walk on and roads we travel on for granted, seldom thinking about the engineering and hard work that goes into constructing them.

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